What we do

Training and Capacity building

AI Hub is committed to not only establishing Agriculture Innovation hub in Ghana but to also providing training and capacity building. We provide training to Farmers, Agribusiness Entrepreneurs and Agriculture sectors as well as through academic institutions. We aim to empower, affirm and sustain providers, shift negative attitudes, reduce stigma in the Agriculture Industry. Our experiential approach enables us to prepare farmers and integrate them into their routine agriculture practice. We develop innovative, relevant and practical Agriculture training modules and multi-media resources for use in urban and rural contexts.

Conference & Workshops

AI Hub plays a leading role in facilitating the exchange of information and furthering Agriculture and Agribusiness education by coordinating workshops, meetings and conferences throughout Ghana. The Hub provides an unparalleled platform for intellectual exchanges and mobilizing the planning, execution and monitoring of scientific inquiry and action in the fields of Agriculture. Every year we will brings together Agricultural scholars, innovators, Entrepreneur and researchers around topics that cover well-established research agenda’s as well as emerging issues in the field of Agribusiness at large. The AI Workshops provide a unique opportunity to explore rather targeted themes among a small group of experts, young and old, from Ghana and elsewhere in the world. The AI Conferences are meant to present a state-of-the-art in a particular field of Agriculture. Our workshops and conferences are co-organized with other Research Centers, Universities or Agribusiness Schools and held in their premises. In this way the AI hub activities are really spread out throughout Ghana.

Incubator/Accelerator /Mentoring support

At Agric Innovation Hub, we provide incubation support and a co-working space to mission-driven Agribusiness entrepreneurs, Farmers, with innovative ideas. We offer mentorship, access to funding, marketing connections and the resources needed to achieve better growth for businesses. OUR Startup accelerators are generally fixed-term, group programmes that include mentorship and training and may end in a public pitch event or demo day. The main purpose of our incubator program is to help startups at a very early stage to grow. They are collaborative programmes which help people solve problems associated with launching a startup by providing a space to work, seed funding, mentoring, training and other benefits.

Field Demos

Our Demonstration (demo) farms are the most effective extension education tools. For smallholder farmers, demo plots provide an opportunity to demonstrate and teach appropriate technologies, as well as venues to test new innovative methods side by side with traditional methods. Although they require considerable time and effort, the payback comes when farmers more readily adapt practices they perceive to be effective and appropriate under local conditions. AI Hub, through its Agricultural Inputs Sector interventions is engaging with large inputs suppliers to establish demo farms in Ghana. If farmers are educated on how best to farm a wide variety of crops, they are more likely to produce higher yields, farm more efficiently and sustainably on the land available to them, and be able to sell their produce for higher prices.

Exhibitions/ Trade Shows

Our Trade shows and exhibitions are excellent way to promote your business and the products and services that you offer. They are also a great way to network with other industry members and grow your customer base. Our trade show is an event where goods and services in the Agriculture industry are exhibited and demonstrated to other businesses. Our exhibition is the same, except the audience are normally the general public. Trade shows and exhibitions can be useful marketing tools.