The Awards aims to identify the most innovative and sustainable solutions that has lead to social, environmental and economic benefits in the agriculture and agro-industry sectors in Ghana

The Awards

The Agriculture Innovation Exhibition and Awards was conceptualized to honour and appreciate the exemplary achievements and contributions that Innovators and researcher have made across all aspects in agriculture industry. The Awards will be presented on an annual basis to outstanding innovators, scientists, researchers, individuals, Agric- entrepreneur and organization who have tremendously contributed to the research and development of the agricultural sector through their innovative ideas product/services and also it will be a platform for them to showcase their innovation product/services during the awards.

The purpose of the event is to award successful and effective agriculture service delivery improvement projects and initiatives that have been achieved through the application of innovative approaches, methodologies and tools. Programs that have been achieved through the application of standard procedures and approaches will not be awarded. Instead the Awards event will recognize creative initiatives, projects that reflect ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking and individuals or organization who has been prepared to take risks and go against the tide to a certain extent, with the overall aim of improving services in the Agriculture industry and Sector, within respective local and/ or regional context. This will be done by calling applications from innovators, scientists, researchers, individuals, Agric- entrepreneur and organization based in Ghana. The awards are not limited to recognition alone, but incorporate opportunities for capturing learning, impacting on policy decisions of government and establishing partnerships. We hope to make the awards event  part of a bigger endeavour on the part of the Government  and Agriculture Ministry to cultivate an enabling environment within the Agriculture sector for the development and nurturing of innovative ideas and initiatives. As much as possible, the process of the Awards and details of projects submitted will be captured on a database in an effort to begin to build a knowledge bank of innovative work that is unfolding on the continent. In addition, new successful projects will be afforded the opportunity of having their experiences fully documented in the form of a case study for potential publication both continentally and internationally and seek donor support for it full implementation.

The Agriculture Innovation Exhibitions and Awards is the first kind of initiative to recognize innovation specifically within the Agriculture sector in Ghana. A number of factors differentiate the Agriculture Innovation Exhibitions Awards from other award programs that are likely to exist in Ghana:

The Aims, Objectives, Mission and vision of the Award

The Aim

The Awards aims to identify the most innovative and sustainable solutions that has lead to social, environmental and economic benefits in the agriculture and agro-industry sectors in Ghana: from production to processing and to the preservation of food; from logistics to consumption; and from the responsible management of surpluses to the agriculture, energy and environment.

The Objectives

Agriculture Innovation Awards and Exhibition objectives are as follows

  • Encourage the uptake of innovation and technology in the Agriculture industries.
  • Advance the careers of young scientists, researchers, producers and innovators through national recognition and funding of their research ideas through donor support.
  • To Exhibit innovative project/Product for the General Public and the world at Large
  • To disseminate awareness of the necessity for innovative ideas and product in the agricultural sector at the national, regional and international levels.
  • Raising awareness about innovation and digitization opportunities for agriculture and rural economies.
  • Capacity building for startup engaging agriculture innovation
  • Financial Support and funding for best innovative project, product and service
  • To encourage people involved in the agricultural sector, whether researchers, growers, exporters, institutions or world companies and agencies, to adopt innovations.
  • To support scientific research in the development of the agricultural sector using global expertise for finding the best means for improvement of the real condition of agricultural innovation
  • Increase interaction between the Award recipients, the Award partners, the tertiary and government sectors.
  • Assist primary producers to develop more competitive, productive and self-reliant Agric industries through attracting innovative research proposals that will lead to longer term innovation in the Agriculture sector.
  • To honor influential Innovator and researchers in the agricultural sector and to motivate them to find more creative solutions of benefit at the local, regional and international levels.
  • To develop cooperation among the various parties involved in innovative research, propagation, cultivation and the industry in agriculture.
  • To enhance the significant role of JS Prestige Media in hosting world awards and events with attention to environmental protection, the fight against poverty and increasing the green area to serve food security and sustainable agricultural development issues.

Our Vision

To encourage innovators such as researchers, growers or exporters, whether individuals or institutions, engaged in the agricultural sector.

Our Mission

To enhance the prestige of Ghana in the field of agricultural innovation and research by virtue of its pioneering role in this field at the world level.

  • To support research and innovation related to the development of the agricultural
  • To develop and maintain regional, national and international cooperation among the various parties involved in innovation in the agricultural industry.
  • To promote the culture of innovation in agriculture in general, at the national, regional and international levels.

Award Categories

  • Best Innovation in Crop Production 
  • Best Innovation in Crop Processing 
  • Best Innovation in Crop Protection technology 
  • Best Innovation by a Startup 
  • Best Innovation in Animal Production 
  • Best Innovation in Animal Processing 
  • Best Innovation in Animal Protection 
  • Best Innovation in Indoor Farming 
  • Best Innovation in Green House Farming 
  • Best Innovation in Aquaculture  
  • Best innovative Agric technology
  • Innovative Farm Management tools of the Year 
  • Overall Best Agricultural innovation of the Year 
  • Best innovative Agric Equipment 
  • Best Startup in agric innovation 
  • Best Innovative Agric Product 
  • Best Innovative Customer Service Delivery 
  • Best Innovative Agric web-based management tools 
  • Best Innovation Agric App 
  • Best Innovation in Harvesting Technology 
  • Best innovation in Pest and  Disease control