Government must adopt Artificial Insemination technology in livestock farming to create jobs and wealth – “Founder” Agric Innovation Hub

Agric Innovation Hub Organizes Practical Training in Breeding Management and Artificial insemination in Pigs and Cattles in Ghana.

Mr Joshua Selasi, Founder of Agric Innovation Hub say Artificial insemination in Pigs and Cattles is gaining ground in Ghana, where the method has emerged as one of the most potent techniques to aid pig production, He encourages Livestock Farmers in Ghana to Adapt and take advantage of the growing technologies in livestock farming to create jobs and wealth.

He says AI is not new to the country, he added given the fact that the technology holds enormous promise for genetic improvement, He appeal to Government adopt AI technology to disseminate superior quality porcine germplasm to the farming community across Ghana, in order to increase genetic gain among the rural pig and Cattle population.

As farmers in Ghana face limitations to quality and disease free boars to fertilize the females, as well as other hurdles like the high cost of raising male pigs and lack of technical knowhow to detect heat periods and insemination, artificial insemination (AI) has come to the rescue.

Techniques of modern biology such as molecular cloning of genes, gene transfer, genetic manipulation of pig, chemical and biological treatment of low quality animal feeds for improved nutritive value, genetically engineered immunodiagnostic and immune prophylactic agents and transgenic pig etc. are a reality today in Ghana, and are finding their way into several research and development programmes.

He gave this remarks in an interview to the media in Accra when Agric Innovation Hub and Bencom Training Center and their Germany partners held a 2-day workshop for pig farmers on artificial insemination held at STEPRI CSIR Head office Accra.

Some Pig farmers who participated in the training after receiving their certificates with joy shared their experiences with the Media.